Dave Evans
Dave Evans is Channel 7 Eyewitness News' political reporter. Since arriving here in 1999, Evans has covered every major election from the mayoral campaigns of Mike Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio to the Presidential race of Hillary Clinton in 2008.

He has worked as Eyewitness News' lead reporter in every political convention since 2000 and has traveled extensively for ABC7, from covering the war in Iraq to Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent visit to Israel.

Before joining us Evans worked at WFAA-TV, the ABC station in Dallas. There he covered issues as varied as the American intervention in Haiti and the war in El Salvador.

Evans is graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He has won numerous awards including the DuPont-Columbia award for team coverage of the World Trade Center attacks. He has also been awarded the Associated Press Best Reporter in Texas as well as two Dallas Katie awards for his government reporting.

Evans has competed in many triathlons and marathons, is an avid cook and gardener, and, to the aggravation of many, still roots for his Dallas Cowboys.

President Trump will talk about five issues: a booming economy, fair trade, the need for a national infrastructure push, national security and immigration.
Thursday morning in Midtown, Governor Andrew Cuomo's congestion pricing panel, called 'Fix NYC,' met for its final time and forwarded several different options and plans to the Governor-he's set to unveil his preferred plan Friday.
The goal to is to reduce traffic by charging fees based on the time of day and what kind of vehicle is being driven. The so-called "congestion pricing" fees would also help pay for modernizing the subway system.
"The last time city streets were this safe people were getting around in a horse and buggy," Mayor Bill de Blasio said.
Officials say there were 290 murders in New York City in 2017, 45 fewer than the year prior and a far cry from the 2,245 murders the city endured in 1990. The drop in murders results in the lowest per-capita murder rate in nearly 70 years.