Jim Dolan
Jim Dolan knew he wanted to be a reporter in New York before he finished grammar school. He came to Eyewitness News in 1986.

Since then, Jim has reported on virtually every major story around the world; The LA Riots, The Oklahoma City Bombing, civil wars and famine in Africa, the death of Princess Diana, The Persian Gulf War, The War in Afghanistan, and the Intifada in the Middle East.

Though he has reported from more than thirty countries on five continents, Jim has always had a great love for New York because there's nothing like reporting nightly on neighborhood stories close to home, and close to the heart.

A woman lost three important bands on her ring finger in a Manhattan restaurant, but she now has them back.
Jersey City is going through what they call here a reval, where for the first time since 1988, homes are being re-evaluated for property tax purposes.
Residents bundled up in coats and blankets in the chilly vestibule of their Marble Hill apartment building, to try and figure out if anything can be done to get them a normal amount of heat.
The New York City school system - with a budget of $24 billion a year, is sending letters to former students, telling them they are owed money from their school lunch account. Some checks were for as little as fifteen cents.
What's left of the plaster and the door frame of Sean Williams' home went flying when police broke the door down Tuesday afternoon looking for guns and members of a suspected prostitution ring.