The Good Sort in New York City offers colorful alternatives to coffee

Monday, June 05, 2017 02:26PM
Take a sip of the rainbow latte.

CHINATOWN, New York - Don't expect a traditional latte at the Good Sort in Chinatown. The recently opened vegan cafe is getting a lot of attention for its colorful drink creations.
**Watch video above to see the coffee alternatives**

The Good Sort's Kate Ross says the lattes are a great alternative to coffee, and that their drink selection will perk you up with non-traditional ingredients including beetroot, green charcoal and black sesame, along with tumeric and black pepper

She said they are "focused on wellness" and choosing "interesting ingredients."

What really has customers going crazy is the rainbow latte. Ross says it was fun and unique experimenting with different flavors to create what's become their signature drink, which includes blue algae.

Colorful alternatives to coffee.

You can also grab a bite to eat at The Good Sort. They offer an Asian-inspired porridge called congee, and while traditionally it is more savory, it's more sweet at The Good Sort. The ingredients include fresh fruit like cranberries and coconut cream, and Moss described the dish as hearty and great for breakfast.

Congee with cranberries and coconut cream.

You can find the Good Sort at 5 Doyers Street.
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