HOV driver caught with eerily lifelike mannequin

Saturday, February 18, 2017 11:51PM
An HOV driver in Washington state was caught with an eerily human-looking mannequin buckled into the front seat of his car.

TACOMA, Washington - He may have broken the law, but one Washington state driver gets points for creativity -- and safety.

A Washington State Patrol District 1 trooper busted the unidentified driver travelling in an HOV lane with an eerily lifelike mannequin strapped into his passenger seat.

The driver clearly put effort into making the young lady look her best -- her mane of blonde hair is pulled back in a pink headband that matches her ruffle-front cardigan and scarf.

Unfortunately for the driver, troopers saw through the mannequin's clever disguise after he was pulled over for driving 81 miles per hour on the highway.

He was cited for speeding and violating HOV rules, but officers commended the driver for making sure his passenger was wearing her seat belt.
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