Man has cutting-edge nerve transplant

If successful, could offer hope to thousands
November 13, 2007 9:00:00 PM PST
A New Jersey man was the first to undergo cutting-edge nerve transplant surgery that may be able to reverse his paralysis.Forty-four year-old Vinnie Filipini suffered a stoke, compromising the right side of his body.

But doctors at Monmouth Medical Center have taken nerves from his legs and connected them to his right arm.

They say it may take a year before they know if the surgery was successful.

But Vinnie's wife is confident.

"We're absolutely elated," Kathy Filipini said. "We saw him come out. I mean, we had our trust in him, but you always get worried. I believe this is all going to turn his life around."

Doctors say if the surgery is successful, it can offer new hope to thousands of patients nationwide.