Seen on Saturday morning: December 22nd

December 22, 2007 8:47:10 AM PST


Aspiring inventors, listen up. With us this morning with some tips for getting your idea to the store shelves is the so-called "King of the Informercial" A. J. Khubani. He is the CEO and founder of the Telebrands corporation.

Four Ways to Evaluate if Your Invention Has Sales Potential - Ask yourself:

  • Does it "solve" a common problem? (i.e. the highest selling infomercial products are abs solutions because people want to target their existing gut. America is a quick fix nation, so something created to "fix" will sell better than something created to "prevent.")
  • Is there a market for this product? (Do the research so you know that there definitely is a need for the product.)
  • Make sure that it is in fact the first of its kind (there might be an identical product out there, so do extensive research first!)
  • Is it something that can easily demonstrated on TV?

    Tips for Taking the Invention Idea to Market:

  • Beware of companies that say they can take your invention to market but ask you to pay a large fee upfront - if they like your idea, they should invest in you.
  • Don't apply for a patent for every single one of your inventions. It could end up costing a lot of money - remember every idea will not be a money maker. Get a provisional patent first -- it costs much less (i.e. it is like a bookmark for your patent and all that is necessary in the beginning)
  • There are unscrupulous people out there who will steal your idea if it's good. Always have everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement and a non-compete agreement before you show your invention to anybody.

    I. Successful Inventions

    1) Ped Egg
    The retail results for this home pedicure tool show that it is the hottest selling product in its category, far better than anything TeleBrands has had since 1994. Grooming is an important part of the American lifestyle and grooming products are going to sell nicely.

    2) StickUp Bulb
    There's always some place in your house where you wish you had a lightbulb. It is a simple solution and it addresses a need.

    3) Go Duster
    People need to dust and this product cuts cleaning time in half, making it faster, easier and more fun. This product is successful because it makes cleaning, a common daily chore, much easier to do.

    II. Unsuccessful Inventions:

    1) Help Now
    This was a device worn as a pendent with a push button that dials 911. The product failed because there is a limited market and this is not a mass appeal item.

    2) Hose in House
    This was a hose created to be used indoors for watering plants, watering your Christmas tree, cleaning certain things like aquariums, humidifiers and foot baths. The product failed because people were afraid of using a hose indoors and afraid that it might leak, it was not a "gotta have it" product and therefore, it didn't make it.

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    -----GIFTS THAT GIVE BACK-----

    Down to the wire, if you still haven't found that perfect gift for your loved on this holiday season, we have some ideas. With us this morning is luxury guru, Lorre White.

    You have some examples of gifts that give back.

  • Virginia Johnson large wool shawls hand-loomed through cottage industry in India, made with with environmentally friendly dyes, $195, exclusively at Barneys New York
  • D.L. & Co. certified organic wax candles made of 100% pure, essential perfume oils; available in Tincture of Floral, Vapor of Wood, and Essence of Green, $80, exclusively at Barneys New York
  • Pottery Barn these robes are made of 100% organic Turkish cotton fibers, made without the use of pesticides Robe $79 plus $6 for Monogram
  • Target Chocolate "choxie" 100% to benefit St Jude's children's research hospital $10
  • 360 Vodka - holiday gift set with going green book and a energy efficient light bulb. $28.99
  • DEF (Diamond Empowerment Fund) rough diamond & malachite Bracelet $125
  • Scoop's Green & Gorgeous bag $28
  • Ochre's organic non treated American made wood toys $50