Oil trucks stolen on Long Island

January 4, 2008 3:04:59 PM PST
Police on Long Island are dealing with a crime they don't see too often.It seems that thieves are going around stealing fuel trucks, taking some of the oil inside and then dumping the trucks.

It has happened at least three times in the last week.

The trucks were stolen from businesses in Hauppauge, Bohemia and Center Moriches.

Long Island reporter Emily Smith has the story.

It is no doubt a busy time of year for the home heating oil industry. It is also a tough time for consumers, with prices soaring past $3 a gallon.

Coincidence or not, three international oil trucks were stolen in just two days on Long Island. Each truck was packed with thousands of gallons of oil, parked at their respective home bases.

"My best guess is oil is over $3 a gallon, and that's what this is about," Suffolk police Sergeant Bryan McMenemy said.

Cops impounded all three hijacked trucks after finding them on the side of the road on random streets Thursday. They found one on a residential street in Brentwood several exits from the place it was stolen in Hauppauge.

Business owner Tony Esposito had a truck stolen from his lot in Bohemia yesterday. He said he's never had this happen in almost 40 years of work.

"There was quite a bit of oil taken," he said.

Esposito says he calculated a loss of about $6,000 in home heating oil.

Business owners say if any fault is on their part, it's pre-loading the trucks at night with oil. They say from now on, all trucks will be loaded in the morning. Anyone with information on the suspects asked to call Suffolk County police.