Police: Teens behind alleged Porsche scheme

January 10, 2008 7:32:27 AM PST
The seven people arrested in an alleged scheme to lure car lovers with promises of a used Porsche are just teenagers, police said.Authorities say the suspects, six men and a woman, pulled similars scheme with two separate sets of victims who were lured by ads on the internet site Craigslist.

In both cases, police say the victims were told to bring cash to a location in Nassau County. There, they were met by the woman and then jumped by the rest of the men.

Nassau County police say a 17-year-old Queens girl placed both ads. Her alleged accomplices range in age from 16 to 19.

On December 6, officials say two men, ages 46 and 29, were robbed when they went to a Baldwin address answering an advertisement for a 2002 Porsche.

The men were reportedly told to bring $22,000 to buy the vehicle.

When they arrived, police say five men jumped them, one armed with a gun. The victims turned over $50 and the robbers fled.

The week before, authorities say a husband and wife arranged via the Internet to meet the sellers in Freeport to buy the 2006 Porsche.

They were allegedly met by the same woman, and as they got out of their car to say introduce themselves, authorities say three or four men assaulted them.

The wife lost her cell phone and the husband lost the cash he had brought to buy the car, according to officials.