"Big" actor building his dream in Harlem

January 10, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
New York City is one of the entertainment capitals of the world. There are plenty of actors who live here. But not many -- like the one you're about to meet.His name is David Moscow and he's putting his money where his heart is and trying to make his neighborhood better. Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg is here with his story.

It's really quite admirable. avid sort of fell into the idea of developing after he bought a Brownstone in Harlem. Now he has plans to develop more properties in an eco-friendly way.

"This is the upstairs," said David Moscow.

We're on the top floor of David Moscow's ground up construction.

Two years ago, it was just a rundown vacant lot next to his brownstone on 115th Street. But he had two dreams for the land and the city sold it to him.

"We said we wanted to do 50% low income and green and they still had to play hardball but you could see the smiles behind," said David Moscow. "This is exactly what they wanted."

The building is eco-friendly which is still a relatively new prospect for Harlem. For starters, there's bamboo flooring.

"All the paint around us is non-VOC paint," said a worker.

And two of the four apartments will be low-income units to be rented to neighborhood locals.

It's all part of the Bronx native's larger plan.

"150 units by the end of 5 years, this is the first and it's going to be the smallest," said David. "We build up from here."

You can't blame David for dreaming big. He was, after all, in the movie "Big" as a kid.

David still acts and he hope his real estate venture earn money to allow him to produce and direct films.

It's an interesting business plan. And by offering green and low income housing, it's also a plan that feels good.

"The acting is fun. People smile at you," said David Moscow. "But, this is for your heart."

David plans to do ten buildings with many more apartments each. The building he's working on should be finished in several months and yes, he wouldn't mind winning an Oscar, either.