Explosives found in Brooklyn

Evacuations in neighborhood after discovery
January 21, 2008 4:42:33 AM PST
The explosive find shook up a quiet, residential neighborhood in Brooklyn Heights. A team of bomb squad investigators descended on a Remsen Street apartment building early Sunday morning.Eyewitness News reporter Thalia Patillo has more on exactly what police found.

"It's astounding. Unbelievable," said Roberta Weisbrod.

Roberta Weisbrod is talking about the arsenal of weapons and 6-pipe bombs police say they uncovered in a third floor apartment at 58 Remsen Street.

A police source telling Eyewitness News that Ivayio Ivanov shot himself in the hand last night in the apartment setting off the investigation.

When police arrived on the scene they discovered numerous weapons.

This all happened around 12:30 Sunday morning shortly after that police began evacuating neighbors on both sides of the street as a precautionary.

"They rang the doorbell and said, "You have 5 minutes. We need you to go. We have a bus and it is heated,"" said Judy Hazen.

Hazen lives across the street and says less than an hour went by before was able to return home. But neighbors next door though tell us they weren't able to return home for almost 8 hours "We loved living in the building," said Tode Susman. "We lived right on the parlor floor for a couple of years."

Among some more things taken out of the apartment were a hard drive and fax machine. Neighbors say Ivanov lived with a roommate and was often seen walking his dog.