What Matters to You? Health Care

The Viewers and candidates weigh in on health care
January 31, 2008 9:18:46 AM PST
Eyewitness News is asking viewers to weigh in on what matters in this pivotal election year, and viewers are responding. They're e-mailing their thoughts on the key issues of the 2008 presidential race, and telling us what will drive their decisions on how to vote this fall.Here, we share what people have to tell us about Health Care: How their thoughts and concerns about our health care system will affect their vote. And we link you to exactly what the candidates have to say about how they would deal with this issue if they are elected president.

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Viewer E-mails

Lou of Stockholm, NJ. Not enough time or money spent on heathcare or the environment. More programs and rebates should be made avaliable for solar and wind power. Heathcare should be as important as turning on the lights without using fossil fuel.

Health Care: Where the Candidates Stand:
Affordable health care is important to all Americans. All the candidates agree affordable health care is essential to live in this county. If you take an in depth look at what the candidates say, you will see their different proposals.

  • Hillary Clinton
  • John Edwards
  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Mike Gravel
  • Mike Huckabee
  • Duncan Hunter
  • Alan Keyes
  • Dennis Kucinich
  • John McCain
  • Barack Obama
  • Ron Paul
  • Mitt Romney
  • Fred Thompson