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May 16, 2008 8:38:32 AM PDT
Get caught up on Lost -episode recaps are below, and sneek peak pictures and video clips are in the media player above.Something Nice Back Home (Repeat)
Wed May 21 8/7c
When Jack's health is seriously compromised, Kate and Juliet must learn to work together in order to save him; Locke is enlightened as to the whereabouts of Jacob's cabin.

There's No Place Like Home Pt. 1
Thu May 15 10/9c
The face-off between the survivors and the freighter people begins.

Cabin Fever
Thu May 8 10/9c
Ben anxiously asks what Jacob wants them to do. Locke says, "He wants us to move the island."
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Something Nice Back Home
Thu May 1 10/9c
When Jack's health is seriously compromised, Kate and Juliet must learn to work together in order to save him.

The Shape of Things to Come
Thu April 24 10/9c
Locke's camp comes under attack. Daniel admits the helicopter team were never going to take the Lost crew off the island.
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Meet Kevin Johnson
Thu March 20 9/8c
Michael's disheveled, worn and depressed. As he writes a letter, he looks up to photo of him holding Walt as a baby...
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Ji Yeon
Thu March 13 9/8c
At the beach camp, Jin wants to talk about baby names but Sun thinks it's bad luck. Jin is hoping for a girl and wants to name her Ji Yeon, but Sun teases him and says it's going to be a boy.
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The Other Woman
Thu March 6 9/8c
Juliet waits in an office, playing with a miniature Japanese rock garden, when a woman rushes in and apologizes for being late. She introduces herself as Harper Stanhope and explains that today is simply a meet-and-greet....
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The Constant
Thu Feb 28 9/8c
We pick up with Desmond and Sayid in the chopper heading out to the freighter. Desmond holds the photo of him and Penny.
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Thu Feb 21 9/8c
Locke fixes breakfast and takes it to Ben, whom he now has locked in the basement. Ben asks why he was moved out of the rec room. Locke says he wanted Ben under his own roof.
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The Economist
Thu Feb 14 9/8c
At the helicopter clearing, Sayid crosses to Naomi's body and closes her eyes. Before he covers her with a blanket, he notices a silver bracelet on Naomi's wrist that reads, "N, I'll always be with you. R.G."
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Confirmed Dead
Thu Feb 7 9/8c

The haunting footage of the wreckage of flight 815 on the bottom of the ocean plays over a news report. Physicist Daniel Faraday of Essex, Massachusetts, finds himself unexpectedly moved by it and we meet the first of the freighter people....
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Season 4: The Beginning of the End
Feeling that their rescue is close at hand, the survivors don't know whether to believe Charlie's final message that the people claiming to liberate them are not who they seem to be.

The band of friends, family, enemies and strangers must continue to work together against the cruel weather and harsh terrain if they want to stay alive.

But as they have discovered during their 70-plus days on the island, danger and mystery loom behind every corner, and those they thought could be trusted may turn against them. Even heroes have secrets...