2nd arrest in string of LI predator incidents

Police say two down, one to go
January 23, 2008 4:22:27 PM PST
A man is under arrest for allegedly stalking a young girl on Long Island.While residents are happy a suspect has been caught, they are still understandably nervous in the wake of several similar, but unrelated incidents.

Long Island reporter Emily Smith has the latest.

Police say with the arrest of Wayne McGowan, it's two down and one to go. And that is helping the community get its sense of security back.

Cops arrested McGowan Tuesday night on a stalking charge, saying he tried to lure a middle school girl into his car while she waited at the bus stop on Pawnee Avenue last week. He says he didn't do it.

"That wasn't me," he said. "It's the wrong person."

Police say McGowen was on probation for importing heroin into the United States.

The arrest provides some relief to some students who say they don't even want to leave the house anymore, because they're still afraid.

"Of course there's still, like, we get notices sent home in the mail about sex offenders that live by us all the time," one student said. "So there's still other people out there."

Less than two weeks ago, cops also arrested Gary Meenahan for allegedly for abusing a 14-year old girl in a vacant trailer near William Floyd High School. Since then, the trailer has been taken down.

Right after that, another horror story on a high school back road. Police say a 17-year-old girl was attacked by a man who came out of a wooded area, threw her to the ground and began forcibly touching her.

Thankfully, she was able to fight the man off. But no one has been arrested in that incident yet.

"I always feel like I could protect myself, but really, I'm a girl and if there's a 200-pound guy, I'm not going to be able to do anything," one student said.