The Go Green East Harlem Cookbook

January 25, 2008 3:26:42 PM PST
So many of us try to eat health foods - but half the battle -- is knowing what kinds of foods - and how to prepare them. For one community challenged by high obesity rates and diabetes - eating healthy is essential. Now - a new cook book to help people make healthier choices.

Here's Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg has a look.

This cookbook is a community effort to get residents of East Harlem to eat healthy you maybe surprised by who edited it.

East 116th Street is a fried and fast food lover's paradise. And that's one reason Patrice Clayton opened the Harlem Tea Room.

"I wanted to offer alternative food," said Patrice Clayton, The Harlem Tea Room.

So it's no surprise that her recipe for tea time salad is included in the Go Green East Harlem cookbook.

The new book is in English and Spanish and features recipes from restaurant owners and community members like James Garcia. He thinks this cookbook will appeal to his neighbors.

"There's more meaning behind it because it comes from the neighborhood," said James Garcia. "It's people who care for the community."

When you consider the health statistics for this neighborhood you understand why a cookbook like this may be so helpful. Diabetes is 10 times higher in Harlem than in the neighboring Upper East Side. Child obesity rate is one of the highest in the city and asthma levels are soaring.

"All too often, communities that has been left out and ignored tend to have the highest rate of unhealthy eating," said Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer.

Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer edited the cookbook. He doesn't actually cook-- but contributed his tips for healthy take out.

He calls the book a love story for the community. The photos, nutritional information and recipes were all donated and in turn 8,000 copies will be distributed throughout the neighborhood.

Everyone else though, has to buy it. Money made goes to the non-profit community fund, started by the borough president another incentive to dig into that healthy salad, sip a little tea and cook healthy.