Seen on Sunday morning: January 27th

January 27, 2008 8:23:41 AM PST

Health gadgets, put to the test. With us this morning to show us some of the best-of products is Claudia Bloom, the Real Simple Magazine associate research director.

The Sea-Band Wristbands: Plastic studs in these FDA-approved washable bands gently press a key pressure point, which can alleviate nausea or seasickness within 10 minutes. Each pair of bands comes with an illustration for proper placement.
To Buy: $10,

Breathe Right Nasal Strips: Thin adhesive strips containing tiny, flexible springs gently lift the inner part of a snorer's nose, slightly widening the passages to allow more air through. (You can slap one on your husband, too.)
To Buy: $5.50 for 12 strips at drugstores

Nexcare Waterproof Clear Protection Bandages: These skinlike bandages have a 360-degree clear seal around the pad to prevent dirt and water from seeping in. And they won't slip off mobile body parts, like knees and elbows.
To Buy: $3.50 for 10 bandages at drugstores.

Soothies Gel Pads: Nursing moms swear by these reusable gel pads for easing sore nipples. They can be chilled in the refrigerator, won't irritate skin, and can absorb two times their weight, in case of milk leakage.
To Buy: $12 a pair,

TIMEX IronMan I-Control: No more fumbling with your iPod while exercising. This watch comes with a tiny transmitter that attaches to the bottom of an iPod, so your watch buttons control the music while your Ipod stays tucked away.
To Buy: $125,

Philips Sonicare Flexcare Toothbrush: This updated version has a one-minute quick-clean feature for between meals, as well as a full three-minute cycle. (A beeping timer reminds you to brush all areas equally.) The UV sanitizer kills up to 99 percent of bacteria on the brush.
To Buy: $180,

Braun Thermoscan Exac Temp Ear Thermometer: This thermometer gives an accurate readout in seconds - no waiting with a hard-to-read thermometer under the tongue - making it ideal for everyone, including antsy toddlers.
To Buy: $50,

Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews: Each chewable square has 500 milligrams of calcium, as well as supplemental vitamins D and K, which can help increase bone density dramatically and thus help starve off osteoporosis. And the five flavors actually taste good.
To Buy: $9 at drugstores.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment: It's been around for more than 50 years, but this thick ointment is still the dermatologist's secret weapon for keeping small cuts protected and moist (which can speed healing) and hydrating dry, cracked, or sensitive skin.
To Buy: $5.50 for 1.75 ounces at drugstores.

Reach Access Flosser: The long, ergonomic handle and angles neck help you floss even the hardest-to-reach areas without jamming your hand in your mouth. The disposable heads snap easily on and off and are made of break-resistant uncoated floss.
To Buy: $2.20 at drugstores.


For Valentine's day diamonds, with us this morning to tell us some Dos and Don'ts is Sally Morrison, the director of the diamond information center.

  • 1-Diamond Engagement Rings (range in price from $1,000 - $41,000)
  • 2-Romantic Necklaces and pendants (range in price from $695-$15,000)
  • 3-Fashion pieces

    So why are diamonds such a popular gift for Valentine's Day?
    Diamonds express a sentiment that no other gift can - symbolize the promise of love forever.

    Learn about the 4Cs - cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. For more information, go the website

    For those who won't be giving a Diamond Engagement Ring, what other romantic gifts can they give?
    Journey - very popular. Graduated diamonds, smaller to larger, show how your love grows over time.

    -----LOW FAT GOURMET-----

    The gourmet taste, without all the calories, with us this morning with some tips is the founder of the Gourmet Lite Bake Shoppe, Matt Leibowitz.

    How did you get into the fat-free gourmet baked goods business?
    Matt was a truck driver who used to eat cookies on the road. He decided to quit his job and develop his own cookies with fewer calories

    How can we all be healthier when we want desserts?
    Tinker in the kitchen --- that's what I say. Here are some of my tips: Use all natural ingredients. I like unbleached all natural flour. Or, you can swap half the all purpose flour in your cookies, muffins or breads with whole wheat flour or buckwheat flour. That ups the nutrition without changing the taste

    Replace oil with other moisturizing ingredients. I like to use egg whites to provide moisture and to make a healthier treat. I find that egg whites work better than apple sauce. Apple sauce often gives a fruity flavor. Moisture is key in preparing a delicious dessert. Take some time in the kitchen and try different ingredients in your recipes to get one that best works for you and your family.

    Any other tricks of the trade?
    Keep things slightly undercooked. This has worked for me. When foods are overbaked, they are hard and they don't keep as well. By slightly underbaking, there is additional moisture and the cookies stay fresher longer.

    Measurements are Key. Even if you make your desserts with all fat-free, cholesterol-free ingredients, if you eat too much of the portion, it won't be healthy. Take the time to read the portion recommendations. Pre-cut your desserts into individual portions. This way, you enjoy your tasty snack without any guilt.

    Best when Fresh: Fat free and low-fat items tend to taste stale faster than items containing oil, butter and fat. At home, don't expect your fat free goodies to retain that fresh appeal for longer than three days.

    -----WALL STREET WEEK-----

    Looking ahead to this week--- we're looking behind at what was a wild ride on Wall Street. Joining us with more on the financial environment is the editor in chief of Black Enterprise magazine, Alfred Edmond.

    Is it really about long term investment? Where should you be putting your money? Should you sell?
    The answer is no - you will take too much of a loss - you have to ride it out- you could loose up to half the value of your portfolio if not more by panicking.

    Now is the time there are a lot of deals out there? Is it time to refinance?
    Now is a great time to pick up deals. Apple is down about 11% Google also took a dive. In addition - with housing prices depressed - real estate is another worthwhile investment. When the housing market comes back in 5 or so years - you're sitting on a great investment.

    Talk about the effects of a recession- what should families focus on as we ride out this storm?
    Pay off debt. Save for that rainy day.

    -----BEAT BAD BREATH-----

    Nothing can ruin a good conversation quicker than bad breath. With tips to prevent this from happening to you is Olessa Pindak. The beauty editor of Natural Health magazine.

    Natural Health asked a dentist, a nutritionist and a TCM Practitioner (Traditional Chinese Medicine) how to freshen your mouth with herbs and simple dietary changes.

    Here's what they came back with.


  • Bad breath, also known as halitosis- can be caused by tiny food particles that get stuck in your teeth and gums and attract bacteria.
  • The first step to a fresh mouth is to floss daily and brush your teeth and tongue twice a day.
  • Also, use mouthwash that carries the American Dental Association seal- this ensures the product will kill germs, not just mask odors.
  • Dry mouth due to dehydration, sleeping with your mouth open, or taking prescription medication like antidepressants can also lead to bad breath because a lack of saliva promotes the growth bacteria
  • Chew sugarless gum- it will cover odors and increase your saliva production. If bad breath still persists, check in with your Doc.


  • Eat crunchy foods like apples, carrots, or celery after meals- they help scrape plaque of teeth.
  • Instead of avoiding garlic, which can help lower cholesterol but can cause bad breath, chew on spearmint, tarragon, rosemary, parsley or eucalyptus for 30-60 seconds afterward to freshen your mouth.
  • Book an appointment with a nutritionist to pinpoint exactly which foods are triggering YOUR halitosis- and how to eliminate them safely from your diet.
  • Sometimes bad breath is caused by an underlying medical condition such as acid reflux or gastritis. You can help to manage these conditions by having smaller, more frequent meals and waiting three hours after eating before going to bed or taking a nap.

    TCM Practitioner

  • According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, bad breath is caused by excess heat in the stomach that eventually affects the oral cavity.
  • To rebalance your body, you should avoid milk, coffee, alcohol, sugar and spicy or fried foods, which can disrupt your normal enzyme and acid levels, thus generating heat.
  • If after eliminating these foods from your diet, bad breath persists, try taking charcoal tablets.
  • Charcoal is a popular folk remedy: it can bind some of the odor-producing sulfur compounds in foods and fluids and remove them from your body.
  • Acupuncture also helps to treat bad breath by balancing body heat.
  • A licensed acupuncturist can easily develop a personalized treatment program for you.

    -----GREAT WORLD OF SOUND-----

    In the midst of the writer's strike, films made over the last year are skyrocketing in popularity. One of those now recognized by the New York City- based Gotham Awards is the indy film "The Great World of Sound." With us this morning is the co- star ? New York City native Kene Holliday.

    Holliday is very proud of his work in Great World of Sound which has done what few films have ever accomplished.

  • They shot and edited a theater-quality film for less than $300,000.
  • They filmed and incorporated performing, non-actors without their knowledge.
  • They have won across-the-board critical praise and a variety of awards at film festivals around the country.

    Kene Holliday is currently co-starring in the critically acclaimed movie "Great World of Sound." Typically, with the kind of accolades he has received since the film's world premier at Sundance Film Festival '07 and the film's release (September, 2007), his presence and performance is labeled a "come-back." But Kene says he hasn't gone anywhere to come back from.

    Holliday was born in New York City, NY in June 1949 and attended the University of Maryland on a football scholarship but after a brief introduction to theater Kene was sold on acting. It wasn't long before Holliday was a regular in the Washington ,D.C. theater scene of the early to mid-1970's. (He is a founding member of two D.C. area theater companies, The Folger Shakespeare Library's, Folger Theater Group under the direction of the late Richard Crinkley and the D.C. Black Repertory Co. under the direction of Robert Hooks and the late Vantile "Motojicho" Whitfield).

    But it was his work in the critically acclaimed Mike Nichols directed play "Streamers," at Lincoln Center, that garnered Holliday the attention that lead to roles on television like "Matlock, "Soap," "Carter Country," "Law and Order," and "Roots: the Next Generation," - and film roles in "The Josephine Baker Story," "No Small Affair," and "The Philadelphia Experiment."

    It's been a long way back for Holliday, who starred in the Matlock series, as Tyler Hudson, P.I., before the Hollywood High-Life took its toll on his life and career.

    He's been "clean" for 19 years now and has managed to land numerous supporting roles on television ("Diagnosis Murder," "Any Day Now," "Doogie Howser," "Sparks," "Miracle On the Mountain: The Kincaid Family Story," "Profiler," "Hope and Faith," "The Wayans Brothers," "The District," "Law and Order SVU," and "Roots the Next Generation") and film ("The Josephine Baker Story," "Bullworth," "No Small Affair," and "The Philadelphia Story."), written a critically acclaimed book of poetry (K-III, The Contemporary Poetics of Kene Holliday), and worked the lecture circuit, sharing his inspirational life-story.

    Now they've been nominated for the prestigious New York City-based Gotham Awards (for independent films) and the Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles. And Kene, after 35 years of stage and screen experience, may finally achieve name recognition.

    Kene is the nominated star in this audience-pleasing riff on the dirty underbelly of the American Idol phenomenon. The film follows two normal guys who get caught up in the excitement of a record industry talent scouting scheme, totally unaware that the so-called record company would be using them to rip-off local talent.

    Real people performed in the audition scenes without knowing it was actually a film shoot. With hidden cameras, the interaction was recorded between the lead actors and the unsuspecting musicians and singers. This documentary-style process was integrated into the scripted portion of the film, creating a unique blend of fact and fiction.

    His performance in GWOS is reflective of a man who has seen the heights and depths life has to offer. Holliday's craft is so finely honed that he manages to dominate scenes without upstaging other actors or stealing the scene. Like a chairman of the board he has found a seemingly effortless way to be first among equals.

    Gotham has nominated GWOS in three categories: (1) Top Feature, (2) Breakthrough Director (Craig Zobel) and (3) Breakthrough Performance (Holliday). The critics and film pundits have determined that this film has the ear-marks of an American classic.

    Holliday's performance has received rave reviews from nearly every critic on both coasts and surprised more than a few who remember him from his Matlock days. But no one will be surprised when more nominations and awards follow "Great World of Sound" and Kene Holliday.