Chinese New Year reprieve from No. 7 subway work

January 26, 2008 2:59:55 PM PST
The transit authority is planning to temporarily restore service on the No. 7 subway line for the Chinese New Year. Since January 12th, the line has been shut down on weekends for track and signal work-- between Main Street-Flushing and Woodside-61st Street.

Because of concerns that the shutdown might hurt businesses in Flushing during the Chinese New Year, No. 7 subway trains will be running again between Flushing and Manhattan during the first two weekends in February.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority President Howard Roberts Jr. says the train will run between Main Street-Flushing and Manhattan's Times Square on the first two weekends in February. Flushing's Lunar New Year Parade is set for Feb. 9, a Saturday.

City Councilman John Liu says many businesses in largely Asian-American Flushing would have suffered if the line wasn't running.