Police involved shooting in Brooklyn

January 26, 2008 4:39:33 PM PST
A stolen car, a police chase and then gunfire - that was the scenario Saturday morning in Brooklyn cops tracked down the two fleeing suspects.It all ended near Blake and Vermont in East New York, Brooklyn.

Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Leid has more.

This all happened around 11:30 Saturday morning and police were still out at the scene more than six hours later investigating this police involved shooting.

They're trying to figure out why the shots were fired. Police says it started when cops tailed a stolen car.

Moments later they say the driver of this silver neon side swiped an unmarked police car, hit another car and kept going.

The unmarked police cruiser chased the neon. And then, after hitting yet another car a block away police say the suspects bailed out but wouldn't give up.

Two officers fired shots but we don't know if those shots were at the suspects.

Police say one suspect gave up right then and there but the other ran away.

This unidentified witness says she saw it from her window.

"I came out my house and I went down to my aunt's and they said how two guys came out," said the witness. "They say they caught one and the other was in somebody's back yard."

Police did not find a gun but they found crack pipes and drug paraphernalia.

One of two suspects rushed to Brookdale Hospital because of seizure. The officers are treated in Jamaica Hospital for trauma.