Seen at 11pm: Super Bowl XLII Latest

Eyewitness News is in Arizona
January 26, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
There's just a week to go before the New York Giants battle the New England Patriots for National Football League supremacy. The Eyewitness News team is in Arizona for you all week with stories and breaking news about the preparations for the big game.

  • Seen at 11pm:

    One of those developments came Sunday, when the Patriots' Tom Brady said he will be ready to play in the Super Bowl.

    New England's star quarterback walked up the three short steps to a podium with ease sunday night, showing no signs of the right ankle injury that had become such a hot topic since he was spotted wearing a protective boot last week.

    "It's feeling good. i'll be ready to go," brady said with a smile as the afc champions met the media for the first time shortly after arriving in Phoenix.

    It was the first time brady acknowledged he was injured in the AFC Championship game.

    Since then, Brady hasn't practiced, but said he moved a little bit during the week and "shuffled around."

    "I'm not concerned about how it's going to affect my play," he said. "this won't keep me out."

    Be sure to stay with Eyewitness News for continuing coverage leading up to the Super Bowl. We have a team of reporters in Arizona who will be reporting all week for you.