Slain officer honored at special ceremony

January 29, 2008 3:48:32 PM PST
A special ceremony is being held Tuesday in honor of a Mount Vernon police officer killed by other police during an off-duty shooting.The parents of Christopher Ridley will receive his gold shield in honor of his dedication and commitment.

Eyewitness News reporter Marcus Solis has the latest.

The black and purple bunting is on display as the police investigation continues.

On Monday, the search for witnesses went into the night. White Plains police are still trying to reconstruct the events of Friday night. One woman, identified only as Kathy, gave a written statement for the first time since seeing off-duty officer Christopher Ridley shot right before her eyes. Ridley was trying to arrest a homeless man after witnessing an assault. Four Westchester County cops responded and opened fire at least 10 times.

"I did hear them see, 'Put your gun down, put your gun down, drop the weapon,' however they said it," one witness said.

Investigators know Ridley, a Mount Vernon cop, ran into the county office building to ask for help, then went back outside to arrest Anthony Jacobs, who had walked up the block. Ridley either dropped his gun, or Jacobs grabbed it during a scuffle. Police have reviewed footage from surveillance cameras, but sources say the entire incident is not visible on tape.

Ridley was posthumously promoted to detective in a city hall ceremony Tuesday, an honor for a young officer, who will receive a full inspector's funeral.

Police have declined to disclose the ballistics reports, which are being conducted by the NYPD. Also, the preliminary findings from the medical examiner say Ridley was shot four or five times.