Expecting a baby? Take a babymoon!

January 29, 2008 3:49:10 PM PST
Couples have long gone on honeymoons after getting married. Now, there's a trend to take a "babymoon" before their little one arrives. It's a final getaway as a couple, before baby makes three.

Eyewitness News reporter Michelle Charlesworth has the story.

Expecting mommies, this is your last chance!

"It's almost like a honeymoon," soon-to-be mom Rachel said.

Before bottles, before no sleep, before beautiful Masie, Rachel and Keith were a romantic couple. So they celebrated and they solidified that with a cruise.

"It's allowed us to spend a lot more time together and get closer before the baby came," Keith said.

But be careful. You can't just go anywhere, anytime. For example, cruises won't take you after you're 24 weeks pregnant.

"This is not the time to go trekking in Africa," "The Knot's" Carley Roney said. "Or to have the 13-hour fight with the seven-hour layover. You have to go easy."

Roney is busy cooking up baby number three. She urges first-time parents to get away to places like Charleston, South Carolina, which is only a two-hour flight. Or, she says, try a fancy hotel like the "W" closer to home. Or you can go really fancy by getting a "Babymoon Special" at the Mandarin Oriental.

"These are outrageous customized treatments for you and your pregnant belly," Roney said. "But those can run $2,400 a night."

A little more country and a lot more affordable is Long Island, where you can find a bed and breakfast weekend getaway for around $400.

Jim and Linda Slezak run the Red Barn, with hot coffee, real China and quilts.

"You get personalized attention," Linda said. "If a couple comes and they say, you know, we have cravings and we really want this special kind of ice cream. We'll get it."

They can recommend spas with prenatal massages, or get them ordered in. And breakfast in bed is no extra charge. It's one of the reasons couples come from all over.

Couples who are loving their new baby will tell you, don't make excuses. Make reservations.