Father actually was paying child support

Seven On Your Side
January 30, 2008 3:07:06 PM PST
Last year the state said one man was a deadbeat dad owing thousands.As it turns out the man had been paying his child support all along. Seven On Your Side's Tappy Phillips helped out the frustrated father.

Last October Ron Steele was completely up to date in child support, but days later he found himself deep in arrears more than $7,000.

Ron says he's been paying his daughter's child support on time for years. But now the state of New York is after him for the money and started freezing his bank account. "Hey listen, I have bills just like the next person. I'm struggling just like the next man," said Steele.

It also affected Ron's paycheck. His check had been getting garnished $420 twice a month. Now child support enforcement upped that amount and then took an additional $200 plus.

7 on Your Side's Tappy Phillips contacted the Human Resources Administration who handles child support enforcement in the city and they took a second look at Ron's case. It seems Ron was under paying each month by $6. He should've owed a few hundred dollars but the HRA says they calculated incorrectly.

Ron's arrears was reduced to zero and he was refunded hundreds.