NY band hopes their Super Bowl ad is chosen

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January 29, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
Super Bowl XVII is about the Giants and The Patriots, but their's a lot more to the event than just football.
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    This report happens to be about Super Bowl ads. The companies now, to save a little bit of money and showcase some new talent...it's giving regular, everyday people a chance to make commercials for them.

    Doritos, for the second year in a row, is doing just that. They're giving a local band or a singer, from anywhere in the country a chance to submit their ad for the Super Bowl. If they can peruse the best Super Bowl spot, they'll actually air it for $2.7 million, in front of almost 100-million people.

    One of the bands is a local band from New York City and Jeff Rossen hung out with them and two other finalists yesterday.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, It's Kina from Texas...vs. Landon, a college student from Nashville....vs. The Hip-Hop band "Nivlo," four men from New York and New Jersey.

    They all submitted homemade videos to enter contest -- and Doritos picked the best. So, Kina, Landon, and Nivlo got to make reels, highly produced, all expenses paid videos.

    Jeff Rossen: "You'll be watching the Super Bowl and your ad may show up before 100-million people?"
    Member of "Nivlo": "That's unbelievable man, it's an opportunity of a lifetime. You can't beat that.
    Another "Nivlo": It's the best opportunity of our lives to make something really, really happen for music career.

    Because, one of the three groups' commercials will actually air during the Super Bowl.

    Doritos hasn't revealed who the winner is yet, but the executives at company know. All the finalist will be in one room together watching the Super Bowl and they will find out who won when the actual spot pops up on television during the Super Bowl.