Democratic debate, Giants looking super!

Behind The News
January 31, 2008 12:40:58 PM PST
It could be, it should be, the most pointed and poignant debate yet. For the first time, there will be only two candidates -- Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the two surviving Democratic Party would-be nominees for President. The Republicans got as close as they could get to a two-person debate last night at the Reagan Library, where four of them sat on the panel, but only two really seemed to matter -- John McCain and Mitt Romney. Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee tried but couldn't get much in, although Huckabee did crack that he didn't come there to referee a match between McCain and Romney.

But there are no hangers on in the Democratic Debate tonight. Just Clinton and Obama, whose personal dislike for each other, however unfortunate, is palpable.

Our political reporter Dave Evans is covering the debate for us, tonight at 11.

And we're at the Super Bowl pre-game events -- oh brother are we at it. My partner, Liz Cho, is anchoring our coverage from Arizona tonight, along with sports anchor Scott Clark, and reporters Nina Pineda and Marvell Scott.

And we've just gotten word -- if the Giants beat the Patriots, Mayor Bloomberg plans to have a victory parade on Tuesday.

This Tuesday.

Which is fine, except that it also happens to be Super Tuesday, when New York, New Jersey, and 22 other states are holding primary elections.

It couldn't be Wednesday? We're not sure why the Mayor chose this day, but we're checking.

We'll also have any breaking news of the night, plus Lee Goldberg's AccuWeather forecast. I hope you can join us, tonight at 11.