Father killed in LI hit-and-run

February 2, 2008 4:12:42 PM PST
The tragic death of a husband and father happened on Long Island Saturday night. The victim may have been hit as he walked to catch a ride to work.

His body was found near the intersection of Brentwood Parkway and Warren Street in Brentwood.

Eyewitness News reporter Stacey Sager talked with his grieving family.

His body was found early in the morning just off to the side of Brentwood Parkway, near Warren Street.

But so far, neighbors say if a car did hit 44-year-old Ascuncion Hernandez, the driver never slowed down.

"No screeching. I just heard the noise...boom," said Brentwood resident, Rosa Thill.

In fact, here in the street, there was only a tiny skid mark.

As friends and relatives tried to make sense of what happened, Santa Rosales was Hernandez's wife and their two young daughters are only 6-months and 2-years-old. She says there is so much about him she will miss.

"Everything, because he was a good person. I loved him a lot and he loved me a lot," said Santa Rosales in Spanish. "And he loved his daughters."

Hernandez moved to Brentwood about 5 years ago, with his family but it was only recently, he took on an additional job painting houses that required him to leave his house very early in the morning.

His family says he was walking to a co-worker's house to catch a ride to work, when he was killed.

Saturday, his relatives are gathering at the family's home to remember him.

"One of his employers used to call him smiley," said victim's brother, Carlos Bonilla. "That was his nickname...smiley."

His relatives urging anyone who knows what may have happened to come forward.