Police-involved shooting in the Bronx

February 8, 2008 8:25:58 PM PST
A police-invovled shooting was reported in the Bronx Friday. The shooting happened in the Allerton section, at the intersection of Allerton Avenue and Matthews Avenue.

Authorities say they are hunting for two suspects wanted in relation to the incident. The shooting happened just after 6 p.m., when police pulled over a vehicle near 817 Allerton Avenue. Two shots were fired by police after they say it appeared one of the suspects was reaching for a gun. The suspects then fled.

The gunshots sent people on the street fleeing for cover.

One cop was taken to Montefiore Hospital for trauma.

Authorities say the vehicle involved in the incident was later found at 3520 Olinville Avenue. Police said it was a BMW stolen from Long Island.

It is believed the suspects are armed. Police do not believe either of them was hit by the shots.