Getting back from Bay Chevrolet

Seven On Your Side
February 11, 2008 4:26:12 PM PST
Imagine paying for a car not once, but twice, and there's little the dealership can do for you since they're bankrupt. It sounded like a lost cause - perfect for Seven On Your Side. Charles Parker is paying double for his car.

"They don't care," Parker said. "It's not their problem."

Charles bought the car from Bay Chevrolet last year.

Months later, he refinanced through them to get a better interest rate. But Bay Chevy never paid off his original loan. So now two banks say Charles owes them for the same car - more than $24,000.

Marion Andrews is also owed thousands from Bay Chevrolet. Last spring she paid them in full for a Chevy Cobalt. But nearly a year later, she's still driving her old car.

Bay Chevrolet went bankrupt months ago. In early January, Eyewitness News spotted a sign on their door saying the sheriff's marshals took possession of the showroom and that they're "closed temporarily."

But a few weeks later, we found the bankrupt business preparing to auction the contents of its showroom. The door was open and one of the owners was on the job.

When Tappy Phillips confronted the owner, he threw our crew out of the building.

After our visit, Bay finally sent part of Charles' loan to his bank.

The check was close to $15,000.

Bay still owes $10,000 on Charles' loan and the full amount to Marion. They told us they raised enough money in the auction to pay both off - but the money is currently being held in escrow. In response to our calls, New York's DMV is investigating.