Cold makes it difficult to get around

Information on hotlines in case of no heat
December 15, 2010 12:05:02 PM PST
The bitter cold is making it difficult for all to stay warm. Many homes and businesses in the Claremont section of the Bronx had no electricity and, more importantly, no heat.

The gusty winds also made it difficult for anyone who needed to get around outside, especially those forced to work in it.

"It feels like little needles are going into my face," said one man, who was walking outside.

You don't want to stay outside too long without layering up.

Rough winds brought down a tree in Claremont.

Crews worked to restore the power, but the wind continued to make it difficult for those working in it and those just walking around.

Authorities are recommending that residents bundle up if you have to go outside.

If you are having problems with heat in the city, you are urged to call 311.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is reminding residents that as arctic temperatures pummel the city, Newark's hotline to report heat emergencies is open. Tenants in unheated apartments can complain directly to the "No Heat Hotline" at (973) 733-6471.