Eyelift without the surgery?

Seven's On Call with Dr. Jay Adlersberg
February 11, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
Dark circles and bags under the eyes. They are signs of aging, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with it! You could have an eyelift, but that's surgery. Now there's another option. Dr. Jay Adlesberg show us a new procedure that can perk up sagging eyes without the telltale signs of surgery.

Even though sally lang waited until her forties to have a baby, she's got the energy of a young mom. But recently, she began to worry that she looked older than she is.

Sally Lang had tired-looking eyes

"It was after pregnancy, and I noticed my eyes looked sunken in, fat pads protruding, and just my nasal labial fold kind of sagging in," Sally Lang said. "And this whole midline was starting to age."

Sally didn't want to have surgery, but then she met Dr. Eliot Battle and learned she didn't have to.

"This is not bells and whistles," Dr. Battle said. "This is not hype. This truly does work."

Until recently, doctors couldn't use lasers around the eyes because absorbing light would damage the retina. But a new breakthrough treatment called "aluma" doesn't affect the eyes. It uses radio frequency energy.

"First, the skin's being suctioned up," Dr. Battle said. "Then the light comes on, and the energy's given."

There's no pain, and it's quick as doctors rub the device around the eye area for about five minutes. Vibrations turn to heat and safely get rid of a host of problems.

"'We can treat upper lids all the way down to the eyelash," Dr. Battle said. "We can treat lower lids all the way upwards. We can treat the fat pads. It improves dark circles, firmness of the eye area, crow's feet."

It usually takes a few treatments over several months to get the full effect. Sally noticed a difference after her third visit. She's just finished the fifth of six total, and no longer feels she has tired looking eyes to hide.

And now, her appearance better reflects how she feels inside.

Treatment cost about $250. Doctors say it's safe for all skin colors.

As for side effects, there is usually redness around the eye that can last for a few days.