Not your typical yoga class

February 15, 2008 2:22:54 AM PST
It's not your typical physical education class.

A couple of times a month, one group of kids grab their mats and strike some poses.

It's yoga, a growing discipline in schools throughout the area. P.S. 14 in Corona is one of those schools.

And for children, it's a natural fit. From downward dog to tree pose, the second graders easily go with the yoga flow.

"I could stretch and feel healthy...strong," one student said.

But the poses are more kid friendly.

Making yoga a part of gym classes, especially in public schools, exposes lots of children to a practice that may be out of reach.

"Introducing children to things...that exist"

Principal Rosemary Sklar says not every kid is an athlete. The non-competitive spirit of yoga levels the playing field.

"They're really just competing with themselves... and it gives them control their own bodies," Principal Sklar said.

Then there's the calming effect that can help kids to chill out in class.

"So...of the kids...calms them down"

"The last part is fun...feel like sleeping," another student said.

"I think they...focus more"