Police: Victim identifies cleaver killer

NYPD waits for forensics to arrest suspect
February 14, 2008 8:37:37 PM PST
Law enforcement sources tell Eyewitness News that the surviving victim of the attack that left a psychologist dead has identified the man questioned today by police in Pennsylvania as the killer. The District Attorney is awaiting forensic evidence before an arrest is made. Meanwhile, the man questioned by police tells Eyewitness News reporter Jeff Pegues he had nothing to do with the murder.

William Kunsman spent more than eight hours Thursday being questioned by police in Coplay, Pennsylvania.

Pegues: "Do you feel the weight of suspicion on your shoulders?"
Kunsman: "No."
Pegues: "Why not?"
Kunsman: "Because I'm completely innocent, and my conscience is clean."

Fifty-six year-old Kathryn Faughey was stabbed to death Tuesday night in the office suite in a bustling neighborhood just blocks from a major hospital complex. A psychiatrist who works in the building was also badly hurt by the attacker.

Authorities say Kunsman met Faughey at a guitar camp six years ago, with her husband. They were reportedly friends, but not romantically linked.

Police said he was found through Faughey's recent e-mail records, and was picked up by Pennsylvania state troopers at his home without incident at around 4:30 a.m.

"The reasons they had for questioning me were valid," Kunsman said. "I've been in more contact with Kathryn lately. I've been speaking to her a lot lately on the phone and by email. I guess that's what led them here."

He last spoke to her Tuesday afternoon, but declined to say what their conversation was about. "That's personal. She was just being a friend," he said.

Pegues: "Tell us about your relationship, your friendship with Dr. Faughey."
Kunsman: "I can only say that we just connected on a deep level, Kathryn and I. She was just a very good friend."

Police say videotapes the night of the murder showed a supect wearing a green overcoat and baseball hat, and that he he arrived at the office about 8 p.m. Tuesday, saying he had an appointment with Dr. Kent Shinbach, a geriatric psychiatrist who worked in the same office suite as Faughey.

A detailed sketch of the suspect was released on Wednesday and police said surveillance videotapes showed him entering and leaving the building.

Police say the suspect walked past a doorman, into the waiting room and then into Faughey's office. As he assaulted her, police said, Shinbach ran to help.

The assailant then attacked Shinbach, pinning him to the wall with a chair and stealing $90 before escaping through a basement door. Shinbach was in serious condition at a hospital with slash wounds on his head, face and arms.

Police recovered three knives from the scene, including the cleaver and a 9-inch knife also used in the attack. A suitcase on wheels filled with women's clothing and adult diapers was also found, along with another bag filled with eight smaller knives that were not believed to have been used in the attack.

Kunsman says he is bi-polar and would consult Faughey from time to time.

Pegues: "You had nothing to do with her murder?"
Kunsman: "Absolutely not."
Pegues: "You didn't have anything to do with?"
Kunsman: "Absolutely not."