More alleged hospital victims come forward

State investigates deaths at Mercy Medical Center
February 14, 2008 2:45:44 PM PST
More patients coming forward and raising serious questions about a local hospital.It's a story we broke Monday night on Eyewitness News. The state Department of Health is investigating Mercy Medical Center after allegations that several patients died from improper care.

Long Island reporter Lauren DeFranco has the story.

"This is torture enough for a woman when you think you have cancer," alleged victim Dolares Persky said.

Persky claims doctors at Mercy Medical Center had difficulty diagnosing her breast cancer. They even blamed faulty machinery.

She went on to have a double mastectomy.

"What if I was somebody that would've took their word, and said OK," she said. "When you hear that you don't have cancer, that's something you want to hear."

The family of Carol Hibbert, a retired nurse claim staffers reinserted her feeding tube without anesthesia.

"Sometimes she cries," husband Hector Hibbert said. "When she cries, I cry. Because I feel it for her."

Another woman, who didn't want to be identified, said her 83-year-old father died after being admitted to Mercy.

"There was abuse on many levels," she said. "Physical, verbal, emotional, of a legally blind, voiceless man."

These horrible stories emerge after news of a state investigation into several deaths at the hospital. In one case, a woman was wrongly diagnosed with breast cancer and died after surgery she didn't need.

"This is just another example of the immoral and unethical corruption that infects the hospital," whistleblower Dr. Anthony Colantonio said.

Mercy Medical Center released a statement saying, "Patients safety is the top priority, and we are confident that proper care was provided and the complaint will found to be without merit."