Teen rescued after fall on Bronx jetty

February 15, 2008 8:36:57 PM PST
A teenager was saved from surging water after he slipped and got wedged between rocks on a jetty Friday.The incident happened on Orchard Beach in the Bronx.

Authorities say a 14-year-old boy was walking on the jetty when he fell. He was reportedly in chest-high water and unable to move.

"He was face down, wedged with a large rock above him and between two and three other rocks on his side," FDNY Lieutenant Mike Bonner said.

Fire department and police aviation, including two divers, rescued the victim. The trecherous conditions forced rescuers to be tethered to the rocks.

"From the water and trying to make our way out there, it was difficult to see," FDNY diver Tom Malloney said. "The rocks were slippery, and we couldn't see anything the water, really. So we really couldn't see the victim."

The boy was carefully extracted, strapped to a basket and pased, man to man, off the jetty. He was transported to Jacobi Hospital in stable condition.

"It was dark and it was hard to see out there," FDNY Lieutenant Gerry Conlin said. "The rocks were wet. They were all different shapes."

Officials say rescuers were lucky to get out of the incident unscathed.