Child found in deplorable LI home

February 15, 2008 8:40:08 PM PST
A young child was found living in deplorable conditions on Long Island Friday. Investigators made the heartbreaking discovery after a fight broke out in the home in Rockville Centre. Authorities say the toddler was living among piles of stinking garbage. And that's not all.

Eyewitness News reporter Carolina Leid has the story.

We found dead rodents in the front yard, and police say if they didn't get call out about a fight, the baby would still be living in the filthy home.

The child, just 1 year old, was found in some horrid conditions at 40 South Marion Place.

Police yanked the toddler from the house and Buildings Department crews stamped a red "sub-standard building" notice on the front door.

They made it clear that the home was not fit for a human or an animal to live there.

"There's exposed wiring, a lot of litter," village administrator Frank Quigley said. "There appears to to garbage and clothing strewn all about. There's a tremendous, powerful stench throughout the house."

Police say they stumbled on the deplorable conditions when officers got a call about a fight. In the middle of arresting two people, they were apparently overpowered by the smell.

Hempstead Animal Control also pulled out three dogs and two cats.

Quigley thinks at least six people lived inside.

Neighbors say they are stunned this happened on their block.

"The way that you see it now, it's been like this for years," neighbor Eric Schencman said. "We've been here for seven years. There's constant foot traffic going back and forth and it's a shame. I hope the baby is OK."

Child Protective Services is investigating. The child is with relatives.