Finding a 'Kitchen For Hire'

February 19, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
Some start-up businesses are looking to move out of their own kitchens.Eyewitness News reporter Sandra Bookman shows us a kitchen in Brooklyn that helps get dreams off the ground, without breaking the bank.

Husband-and-wife team Keane and Kenya Chasten is whipping up some barbecue sauces.

It's their secret recipe for Guyank Brand, which uses only fresh ingredients.

While, Amanda Jones is making an old family concoction for candy. She calls it Brooklyn Fudge.

These entrepreneurs used to make their culinary creations from home, but realized they needed to get their businesses out of the kitchen.

"I was living in Gowanus, I had to walk over here to Carol Gardens, I had to walk over here to Park Slope to get stuff out of three people's refrigerators," said Amanda Jones/Brooklyn Fudge.

So, they turned to Kitchen For Hire to launch their dreams to make millions.

This shared, commercial space in Prospect Heights also provides cookware, utensils and restaurant-grade burners and ovens.

Owners and partners Joan Reid and Priscilla Maddox also dispense some business advice on the side.

"The business end of this type of thing is very difficult and I try not to fool them to think that it's a 1, 2, 3 affect," says Maddox.

Most importantly, Kitchen For Hire is licensed by the state. As few starter-uppers can afford, Kitchen For Hire provides a commercial kitchen that passes New York's strict regulations.

Caterers and occasional chefs are also welcome.

"We have families that have weddings and they want to do their own cooking..they don't have enough room at home," says Joan Reid.

The next step for these entrepreneurs is investing in their own commercial kitchens. But for now, they've got a place to get things cooking.

Kitchen For Hire charges $30 an hour, and it is a 24/7 operation.

For more information on Kitchen For Hire, please call 718-398-5710.

For the barbecue sauces, visit

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