Enterprise pays Queens woman for car damage

Seven On Your Side
February 20, 2008 3:55:37 PM PST
It's been a rough year for one Queens woman. First her husband died, then knee surgery, then she was broadsided at an intersection. Even though it wasn't her fault, the motorist didn't pay to fix her car. That's when Tappy Phillips stepped in with Seven on your Side.

For the past eight months Claire Brown's car has sat disabled by an accident.

Tappy asked how much of an inconvenience it was for Brown not to have her car. "Like being in prison for 7 months," she said.

That's because Claire Brown is disabled. Her late model ford had become her legs.

"I've been having a hard time of it that's why it's sort of emotional for me," she said.

Claire says the accident happened after an employee of Enterprise rental car failed to yield and collided with her car.

Claire added, "It took two officers and my son and another man to pry the two cars apart that's how hard he hit me."

Enterprise offered Claire $1,000 in compensation.

I had two estimates one was $3600 and change and the other was $3700 and change," said Brown.

Claire didn't have collision insurance or the cash to fix it. So she went to small claims court and last October a judge awarded her nearly $4,000 when the car company didn't show.

Enterprise said they weren't notified of the original hearing and took Claire back to court.

"The judge told them it wasn't going to fly with him and he said the initial award stands," Brown said.

So Seven on your Side called enterprise and Claire was express mailed a check for the full amount owed.