Sandwich or mac & cheese? Why not both?

June 20, 2008 10:41:20 AM PDT
For many of us, mac and cheese is a great comfort food. So how do you make it even better? We headed to Watchung Delicatessen, located at 117 Watchung Avenue in Montclair, New Jersey, where the locals get a say in creating the menu.

Everyone has there favorite sandwich at this deli. There's the Angry Dwarf, which got its start from a local high school student.

High schoolers have a big say about the menu.

"The kids just come in and make up their own specials," owner Maureen Kiffer said.

The newest sandwich is the Ben's Special, and it comes with a little extra mac and cheese.


You start with hot chicken cutlets and barbecue sauce, which gets topped with bacon and cheddar. That's all melted together and stuffed into a roll, which then gets further stuffed with hot homemade macaroni and cheese.

Good luck biting into it. You're better off opting for a fork.

Aside from sandwiches, there are homemade salads and soups.

The Watchung Deli in Montclair began in the 1920s. Now, two couples own it - Gary and Maureen Kiffer and Jeanne and Robert Johannsen. And to see them all at work is like watching a dance.

And it certainly helps that they know their customers.