Pit bulls rescued in Yonkers

Authorities find drugs and cash during raid
March 5, 2008 4:46:40 PM PST
Fifteen scared, starving pit bulls believed to be used in a dog fighting ring in Yonkers have been rescued. Investigators say their raid revealed more than just the fifteen dogs themselves. The disturbing discoveries all made on Alida Street.

Marcus Solis at the scene with more.

The rescued dogs are now in a shelter, but you can see the scars of the fighting that they were bred for. Fifteen pit bulls were taken from a home in Yonkers. Pictures provided by the SPCA show the awful conditions they were kept in, a treadmill to exercise the dogs, scales to weigh them, and the animals themselves were kept in filth.

Chief Ken Ross of the SPCA of Westchester said Wednesday,

Last night police raided the house on Alida Street on a narcotics warrant. They say six ounces of cocaine and nearly 16,000 dollars in cash were seized along with the dog fighting equipment.

Peter Byrne and Anthony Gonzalez are under arrest. Byrne was renting the home directly across the street from the house where he grew up. No comment from his parents, but a neighbor who didn't want to be identified says she called police numerous times.

Police are investigating whether the discovery of two dogs--one dead, one seriously injured in a gas station dumpster last January is connected. And this afternoon two dead pitbulls were found in a trash bag in Riverdale. Police believe there may be a connection to the same ring.