Police find 3 dead children in LI apartment

Source: Mother of children is suspect
February 25, 2008 4:09:32 AM PST
Nassau County police responding to a 911 call have found three children under the age of seven dead in a New Cassel apartment.The three young bodies were found this morning after a frantic 911 call.

Police say the murder scene is so disturbing it rattled even veteran detectives.

The mother led police to the children and is now being questioned in the deaths.

Sources tell Eyewitness News someone apparently drowned the siblings and also stabbed them.

The father of one of the girls spoke exclusively to Eyewitness News' Kemberly Richardson. "I tried to get my daughter, and I tried to show rights on my daughter, but they always said a female is more responsible than a male, and now they see a female did this to my daughter."

The children's mother is said to have led detectives the children to a bedroom where the three children were laying dead on the bed.

"She neglected them, she always used to leave them in the house by themselves," said one neighbor.

Police say Latrice Brewer was taken to a local hospital for observation. They have been called to the house a dozen times in the last year, but so far there are no arrests.

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