Desk duty for NJ cops in steroid scandal

February 25, 2008 5:54:15 PM PST
Several Jersey City police officers were placed on administrative duties Monday amid a steroid scandal within the department.Officials say some of the accused officers have also had their guns taken away while internal affairs investigates the allegations.

At this point, no officers have been arrested or suspended. Their names are not being released.

According to one legal analyst, the investigation could hinge on whether the officers broke the law in obtaining prescriptions for steroids.

This case has ties to a case with an NYPD connection and an investigation that grabbed headlines beginning with a raid last October.

That's when Lowen's Pharmacy in Bay Ridge was raided by state narcotics agents looking in to a lucrative network of steroids-peddling health clinics and pharmacies in four states, including New York.

It turns out that some of the pharmacy's customers had been bodybuilding police officers.

Five members of the NYPD were suspended for allegedly using drugs improperly. And then last month, the owner of Lowen's Pharmacy committed suicide, after denying that he had done anything wrong.