Wallpaper makes dramatic comeback

February 25, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
For years, we've been stripping the wallpaper off our walls. Now, get ready to paste it back on. It's making a return in the interior design world, and what's out there now is far from what grandmother had.

Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg has more.

Like fashion, what's old is new.

Wallpaper is a great, affordable way of changing the entire look of a room, an entry, even a closet. And you'll be amazed by some of the cool patterns and designs out there. But first, we have some tips from the experts.

Tori Mellot, of "Domino Magazine" says wallpaper has been reinterpreted. There are patterns with rhinestones, raised elements and curly cues. "Domino" offers wallpaper ideas, while stores like Gracious Home have books upon books of paper options.

And while some designers are young and hip, like Carly Margolis, they often pay tribute to the wallpaper of years ago.

"Growing up, my grandma always had crazy wallpaper," she said.

Now, Carly's creations call on nature. Her line, called "Cavern," is 2 years old and boasts more than a dozen designs.

"Our patterns are very graphic," she said. "And so most people don't do the whole room, they just do one wall."

But before you hang that paper, consider this.

"Wallpaper hanging is tricky, you have to match up scenes, there's glue involved," Mellot said. "Granted, it's a lot easier than the days before, of yesteryear, but you still want to hire that professional."

Like Martin Daly.

"I've been doing this for more than 20 years," he said. "And it's rare that I do the same paper twice."

With us, he worked with a textured paper by Romo. The paper and the wall get expert attention. Martin's got it to a science, and the end result is seamless.

"It's like a piece of art, and it really makes it look wonderful," he said.

Even subtle wallpaper can transform a wall.

For larger or graphic prints, don't overdo it. They work better on one wall of a room, instead of all the walls. The same goes for the super colorful. And when it comes to metallic...

"I would probably steer clear of an entire room of it, unless you're going for a Studio 54 look," Mellot said.

But the best part of wallpaper is that it's relatively temporary.

"It's really fun, and it's not permanent," Mellot said. "You can take it down."

Wallpaper costs $25 and up for a roll. Some of the more artistic, boutique versions can run in the hundreds. And there are calculators to figure out how much wallpaper you'll need for a room or a wall.

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