MySpace used to track down thief

Teen uses the site to find her mugger
February 27, 2008 3:16:16 PM PST
A local high school student turned into a crime fighter when her cell phone was taken.She was able to use MySpace to help track down the suspect and help police catch him.

Clutching her new cell phone, 16-year old Yudelka Polanco told Eyewitness News about the day her old phone was grabbed right out of her hand.

"I was coming back from my guitar lessons and he took me from behind and he snagged my phone," Polanco said.

She gave chase, but couldn't catch the phone thief or his friend on foot. Luckily for her, kids these days know so much about technology.

A SIM card keeps a phone's information on it, which Polanco knew.

"He left my SIM card and signed onto his e-mail address with it," she said.

By looking on her new phone, it gave information on her old phone. Now, she had his e-mail address and knew if she couldn't catch him on foot, she'd get him in cyberspace.

She used MySpace to find him, but his page was private, so she had a friend help out.

"In order to get a better picture for the cops, I told her to request it and he sent her the page," Polanco said. "And I was able to get his picture."

Yudelka was able to turn all of her investigative information in to the police, and they arrested 16-year-old Victor Hernandez.