Teen stabbed during brawl

Witnesses say up to 50 kids involved
February 27, 2008 3:17:19 PM PST
A fight turned into a stabbing and sent one teenager to the hospital in the Bronx Wednesday. The incident happened near East 190th Street and Morris Avenue in the East Fordham section.

Eyewitness News reporter Nina Pineda has details.

Witnesses say it was a scary thing to see, as a group of about 50 teenagers seemed to gather very quickly. By the time everyone scattered, one teen was critically wounded.

"Went by a shoe store, pushed a guy up against the glass, pulled out a knife and stabbed him," witness Maxine Jones said.

The brawl broke out in front of crowded stores at a busy intersection just after school ended. In the backpack of one of the young victims, police found a hammer.

Police believe the pack of teens was ready for trouble.

"Forty, fifty people, all young kids," another witness said. "Probably 12 to age of 16."

The teen who was stabbed ran several blocks before collapsing. Witnesses say he was being chased.

"They ran down the stairs, ran up to the shoe store, pushed him up against the glass, stabbed him and then everyone ran," a witness said. "Pushing and shoving, one was stabbed and that was it."

The victim has not been identified. He was found by police on the sidewalk, bleeding. His injuries are considered very serious.