Ready for a 'Gymntense' workout?

February 27, 2008 9:00:00 PM PST
Stuck in a rut with your exercise routine? How about adding a pommel horse or high bar to juice up your workout? They are just some of the ways to get in shape with an Olympic twist.

Eyewitness News reporter Michelle Charlesworth shows us how this routine can make you feel and look like a champ.

It starts out easy enough. A little jumping, some squats...piece of cake. But now, let the games begin.

It's an Olympic-style workout at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. There's high bar, pommel horse and rings, and anyone who jumps in now deserves a medal just for hanging tough.

"Good, tight and very tired," said Reece Barakat..

"First time, I couldn't extend my left arm because it was really sore," said Meggie Smith.

The strength conditioning class focuses on using body weight to get in shape, working the shoulders, traps and delts. It also works the stomach muscles, arms and legs, all at once.

"It builds a different type of strength," said instructor, Hector Salazar. "The most important thing in gymnastics is to utilize the whole body. You don't want to isolate the muscles. You want to use the more muscle the better. That is why it builds longer and leaner physique"

"I can really see the difference in my body," said Reece Barakat.

And it's done at your own pace. Instructors help modify each routine so everyone can feel like a champ.

Iron cross anyone? Well, just attempting it is workout enough, and that's the idea. It doesn't have to be the a perfect in and out or leg cut.

Make no mistake, it's challenging. But this Olympic workout will make you feel like a gold medal winner.

The classes are one hour and are held at Chelsea Piers.

For more information on the workout, visit, then click on "Field House." Click on "Programming" and then "Gymntensity," which is in the third box from the left.