Four people arrested for cop impersonation

Suspects accused of targetting prostitutes
February 29, 2008 2:56:37 PM PST
Four men are accused of posing as cops and going on a crime spree. One of the suspects is reportedly no stranger to trouble.New Jersey reporter Anthony Johnson has the story from Hackensack.

It appears that the suspects were actually targeting prostitutes. Police say they have committed more than a dozen crimes since the beginning of this month.

A total of four people have been arrested for robbery and impersonating a police officer.

Each of the suspects is in his late teens or early 20s. And the latest suspect was picked up earlier today. Authorities say he set up a meeting with two prostitutes at a local Hackensack hotel and came in displaying a badge that read, "Private Investigator."

"They came in with badges displayed, announcing that they were police officers," a law enforcement source said. "They began ransacking the room, they took $200 out of a purse....they started to take a laptop computer, and when they did, at some point, during the confrontation, the two women inside the room realized they were not cops."

Police in Passaic County, mainly Clifton, are investigating to see if this case is connected to other robberies that they had in that area.