Helping a family facing foreclosure

Seven On Your Side
February 29, 2008 8:20:29 PM PST
A Long Island family had their share of troubles. Both parents had been ill, and the medical bills had made them fall behind in their mortgage payments.They thought they had worked out a payment plan with their bank. But when the bank started returning checks and threatening foreclosure, the desperate couple called for Tappy Phillips and Seven On Their Side.

It's been a battle for Teresa Langabeer. First, her husband got sick. Then she got blood cancer. On top of that? Her mortgage company came after her.

"I'm on disability, I have cancer," she said. "And he had surgery, rotator cuff surgery, so he was out of work for quite a while."

For the past 11 years, the Langabeers have lived and raised their children in their home. But their reduced income and high medical bills took a toll on their mortgage.

"We were three months behind at that time," Teresa said. "So, I know that that's a long time, but he was out of work from May til October. It's hard."

Late last year, the Langabeers negotiated a re-payment plan with their mortgage company, Option One, and sent off the first payment of $7,000. But first, Option One wouldn't accept it. Then, they lost the check.

"You can't give them money," Teresa said. "They won't take it or they lose it. It was very bad."

That's when Teresa got a letter saying she had defaulted on her loan.

Tappy: "You're thinking this house that you've put so much into, that you might lose it?"
Teresa: "Absolutely."

But Teresa contacted a lawyer who called for Seven On Her Side. And within days?

Option One sent out a letter. They apologized for any inconvenience, said the $7,000 check was located and even found a credit of more than $1,300 to their loan.