What's next in the Democratic race?

March 5, 2008 10:16:03 AM PST
What's next in the Democratic race? Senator John Mccain is the guest of honor at the White House today-- having locked up the Republican nomination. But for the democrats-- it will be a fight to the finish. Senator Mccain swept all four races yesterday-- to reach 1,222 delegates, well beyond the 1,191 needed to grab the GOP nomination.

Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign has new life-- after victories over Senator Barack Obama in three of four states...crucial, must win states.

Still, Obama remains in the lead in the delegate count with 1,555 compared to Clinton's 1,449.

The magic number for the democratic nomination is: 2,025.

Eyewitness News reporter Stacey Sager begins our coverage with the big question: what happens next in the Democratic race?

what happens next is Wyoming, then Mississippi, then Pennsylvania. Senator Clinton -- clearly having some momentum after last night. But Senator Obama -- claiming he has the math that delegate count -- which remains in his favor

It was a campaign-saving comeback for Hillary Clinton last night in Rhode island, Ohio, and the neck-and-neck race in Texas.

"This nation is coming back..and so is this campaign," Sen. Clinton said last night.

But what it means for democrats -- is a much longer, and perhaps -- more bitter battle to the finish. Both Clinton and Barack Obama, appearing on Good Morning America today, to talk about their strategies. Whether Senator Clinton will try to sway those uncommitted superdelegates to her side and how Senator Obama would react....

"We've picked up scores of superdelegates...and she hasn't so...we think we'll be in a very strong position to claim the nomination..but you have to give her credit, she keeps on working'...," Sen. Obama said on Good Morning America.

The question of what worked the best for Clinton -- drawing a number of responses today. Speculation, about whether it was the television ad, about answering the "3 a.m. Call in the White House."

"56 percent in Texas and 60 percent in Ohio said she was better prepared to be commander in chief...now that's the key question when you're electing a president...," said Cokie Roberts from GMA's "Political Wrap".

But also, Clinton's recent appearance on "Saturday Night Live," humanizing her, a-la-New Hampshire. And, questions over Obama's sincerity in opposing the North American free trade agreement, and how that hurt his campaign.

what must happen next? Analysts say, if Obama wins Pennsylvania on April 22nd, he will be the democratic nominee. But if not....

"Then you're in a situation whether neither candidate has enough delegates to get the nomination...," ABC's George Stephanopoulus said this morning.

That's how things could get messy, especially when it comes to states like Florida and Michigan, where the primaries did not count. And Senator Clinton, believes that somehow, they should.

"Obviously it's up to the people and leaders, but I'm going to work as hard as I can to make sure they county....," said Sen. Clinton.

Speaking of counting, there's still some of that going on in Texas. The primary there is over, but the count in the Texas caucus continues.

It's all about delegates, and the next contest on Saturday in Wyoming.