Pay cash and pay less for gas?

Old idea gaining new fans as oil prices rise again
March 5, 2008 3:39:03 PM PST
Oil hit yet another record high price today. It's no surprise to anyone who drives: Gas prices have been rising steadily. Tonight, some people in Connecticut are calling for a return to the "old days" when you paid less to fill your tank when you paid in cash and didn't use a credit card.

Here's Eyewitness News' Marcus Solis.

John Burr has a big truck he loves, but doesn't love to fill up. So Burr seeks out the best price, which can vary wildly in Connecticut. In Greenwich the four dollar gallon of gas is already here, at least for premium. But in Norwalk, a gallon of unleaded can still be had for $3.25.

Tom Forbes' family has run an independent station for almost 40 years. Like many, Forbes blames the big oil companies. Now the Connecticut state legislature is trying to provide some relief, looking at everything from prohibiting zone pricing to cracking down on price gouging. Another possibility is letting station owners offer a lower price for cash, an option motorists say they like.

It's actually the oil companies which prohibit station owners from offering cash discounts as part of their franchise agreements. But owners say it's time for the state to outlaw the practice.