Bizarre moments outside Bell trial

Man carried out for Jack Ruby Comment
March 7, 2008 9:20:51 AM PST
There were some bizarre moments outside the courtroom Thursday in the trial of three police officers accused in the killing of Sean Bell.And inside the courtroom, there was a graphic look at the shooting scene.

Eyewitness News reporter Phil Lipof has the latest.

For about three hours, the prosecution meticulously went over 80 crime scene photos. They discussed the photos with a detective on the stand. Afterwards, after each photo, they had to print out four copies, one for each attorney and one for the judge. It took quite some time. But this is the part of the trial where evidence is entered. As for what happened in the hallway, it was just strange.

An unidentified man in a hat and trench coat laughed and joked with a courtroom officer Thursday, but no one inside the courtroom could know what he was about to do.

As the three NYPD officers on trial came out of the courtroom from a lunch break, that same man from said something about Jack Ruby before shouting, "Bang bang bang."

It was a clear reference to the man who gunned down Lee Harvey Oswasld for allegedly killing President John F. Kennedy.

He was quickly taken out of the courthouse by police.

"I'd like to see that individual properly idendified and not be allowed in the courtroom," said Michael Palladino, of the Detective's Endowment Association. "Because he made a threat and, obviously, he is a threat."

Meanwhile, inside court, the prosecution entered into evidence 80 pictures taken by crime scene detective David Rivera hours after the shooting on November 25 2006.

They included a look at the bullet-riddled Nissan Altima from the outside. There are also photos from the inside of the car, which are far more graphic. One shows the blood-soaked front seat, where Sean Bell and Joseph Guzman were sitting when they were shot.

Bell's fiance hung her head and shook it from sided to side when she saw the blood-stained steering wheel.

"If you look how many bullets went through that car, you look at how much blood was in that car, I just could not believe that a human being would do that to another human being without any type of probable cause or provocation," said Leroy Gadsden, of the NAACP.

It is still unknown who the man who made the comment is or if police took any other action against him. There will be no procedings on Friday, so Rivera will take the stand again on Monday.