Disturbing testimony in Nixzmary Brown trial

Mystery witnesses' words revealed in court
March 7, 2008 3:30:17 PM PST
There are developments in the Nixzmary Brown murder trial, involving the testimony of a secret witness. This story comes with a strong warning. It is disturbing.

The secret witness says the mother of seven-year-old Nixzmary referred to her daughter as "the devil." And she says there was abuse in the family.

Tim Fleischer is at the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn with the story.

The transcript of that testimony is about 60 pages long, and is edited in spots to preserve the witnesses' privacy.

It's disturbing testimony that gives us a clearer picture of what happened the night that Nixzmary Brown died.

The secret witness is a jailhouse snitch, who testified inside a sealed courtroom. She says she kept a secret diary of her conversations with Nixzaliz Santiago, Nixzmary's mother while the two were in jail.

The witness testified: "She told me her child was a bad kid, and her and her husband killed her."

Nixzmary Brown's body was bruised and badly beaten when she was found in her family's apartment two year's ago.

The witness goes on to divulge more of what she says the mother told her, including that "She repeats that her husband was a good man, and that the child was evil and she referred to her daughter as "diablo," the devil."

Ceasar Rodriguez is on trial on murder charges in Nixzmary's death.

The secret witness then shockingly reveals what Santiago was thinking about her daughter that night.

"She wanted to hurt her," the testimony says, "because she caught her with her husband several times having oral sex."

It's also revealed in the transcript of the testimony that Nixzaliz claims she was having bad dreams.

The secret witness says, "She dreamt that they were beating the child in the bathtub, that they were using his fist to beat her up and he walked away and she stayed, keeping going and Nixzmary became lifeless."

Disturbing testimony in the docket today. It's testimony that has been edited to keep her identity secret.

We can tell you that Nixzaliz Santiago will go on trial in several months. As far as Caesar Rodriguez, his trial could conclude next week.