Silda Spitzer stands by her man

Appeared next to Gov. at news conference
March 11, 2008 1:49:35 PM PDT
While many questions surround the future of the Gov. Spitzer, many are wondering how his wife Silda is standing by his side. She's not your typical political wife. Silda Wall Spitzer has an ivy league education and had a very successful career as corporate lawyer before she gave it up to raise three daughters. She is a mother before a first lady and she is a wife who fell in love with a dashing driven young man. and married him 21 years ago.

And for all outside observations. the Spitzers are the kind of spouses who treat each other like best friends.

As the Governor read his statement robotically yesterday, it was Silda Spitzer standing close and showing the emotion of the moment.

So why do wives often show up standing by their men in publicly humiliating situations? Vanessa Bryant clutched her husband's hand as the Lakers superstar admitted adultery before his trial for an alleged rape.

And Dino Matos Mcgreevey put on a frozen smile, and seemed shellshocked as her husband declared himself a gay American publicly admitting his infidelities with another man.

Always being in the public eye is difficult. Before becoming first lady of New York Silda Spitzer in a profile for the New York Times says she sought the advice of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Both women met their husbands in law school. The Clintons at Yale, the Spitzer's at Harvard law.

When President Bill Clinton became embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. Hillary did not stand with him to address the nation.

Publicist Joanie Danielides says should would have advised Mrs. Spitzer to skip the press announcement .

Danielides is an acquaintance of Spitzer's and also works with Donna Hanover. It was Danielides who Hanover turned to to orchestrate her own news conference when she was blindsided by Rudy Giuliani.

Danielides hopes Silda Wall Spitzer is surrounding herself with advisors outside of her husbands, no matter what their future marital status will be.